business area
  • Distribution of
    Digital Content
    We distribute films
    to various digital platforms
    such as IPTV, VOD,
    internet, mobile, and etc..
  • Investment/Distribution
    We are investing/distributing
    various productions
    such as <The Last Ride>,
    <The Queen of Crime>,
    <Lost in the Moonlight>,
    and <Beautiful Days> etc..
  • Foreign Films
    By participating in
    major film markets overseas,
    we purchase
    major international films
    and introduce them
    in Korea.
  • New Business
    After establishing
    investment funds in 2018,
    we are preparing
    new distribution strategies
    and full-scale IP sourcing.
contents business works
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business area
  • Entering in
    Film Festivals
    By participating in
    major film markets,
    we introduce and sell
    our films with
    a differentiated strategy.
  • International
    We process the export
    and showing of
    outstanding Korean films
    to over 190 countries.
  • Copyrights of
    We sell and distribute
    the copyrights of
    Korean remake films
    to overseas markets.
International Sales Works
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