business area
  • Contents Investment
    Discover new Korean
    feature film contents and
    develop, invest, and manage
    film projects
  • Distribution & Strategy
    Distribute films
    based on strategic planning
    and secure profits from
    our contents' copyrights
  • Marketing & Strategy
    Take charge of
    overall marketing campaign of
    NEW's contents based
    on strategic planning
  • Contents Planning
    Seek, develop, invest,
    and produce new media
    platform oriented contents.
NEW MOVIE 1. 한국영화팀 : 한국영화 1팀 - 한국영화 2팀 2. 배급팀 3. 마케팅팀 : 마케팅 1팀 - 마케팅 2팀 - 마케팅 3팀 4. 홍보팀